Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Seedr download script

I have been using Seedr for downloading torrent recently. And I like it a lot.

It is faster than when I directly run torrent application and it cost less of internet data usage.

Only downside is that Seedr has 2GB size limit on free account and it last only one day on their server. So you need to download it in time before it gets deleted. In case it timed out and got deleted, you can re-torrent it so not a big deal.

To get over the 2GB limit, you will need to pay for the upgrade. 100GB for $10/month, which is still good deal. If your internet provider charges for data usage, downloading big amount data through torrent can cost a lot. Considering that Seedr can save the internet data usage, $10/month can be still saving. It will be best if you have a list of things to download before sign up tho.

Here is a script I made for downloading a file from Seedr.

echo "Download URL:"
read url
filename=$(echo "$url" | cut -d'/' -f 6 | cut -d'?' -f 1)
if [ "x$filename" = "x" ]; then
filename=$(echo "$url" | cut -d'/' -f 5 | cut -d'?' -f 1)
if [ "x$filename" = "x" ]; then
echo "Filename not recognized"
exit 3
if [ -f "$filename" ]; then
echo "File already exist: $filename"
exit 2
echo "Filename: $filename"
curl -s -o "$filename" -X GET "$url"

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