Sunday, July 27, 2014

Eclipse with Remote System Explorer

Today I learned about an interesting Eclipse plug-in(?) called, "Remote System Explorer". It allows me to access remote computer files via SSH.

I needed this because I wanted to do some C/C++ programming in Raspberry Pi but I wanted to use Eclipse in Windows. Obviously I cannot just compile Linux program in Windows, I tried to install MingW but it didn't work out; the compiler was complaining that I don't have a function, "fork", which is Unix/Linux only function.

Remote System Explorer is supposed to do the followings:
  1. access remote file system.
  2. remote compile.
  3. remote debugging.
, which sounds awesome.

The first step worked perfectly in one shot. However, I couldn't do the second and 3rd steps. It seems like they planned to implement but I haven't found a single person saying "Oh, I have done it and it worked."

Instead, Remote System Explorer provides a SSH terminal window. In the small window, I can manually compile the files, which is totally fine to me, although it could be awesome if the default Eclipse "Run" command worked.

Compiling step is as simple as typing "make" or "make all". But I am little worried how I can debug. It seems like there is a thing called gdbserver and I have no idea what it is yet. If this approach doesn't work out, I may try to run Eclipse on RaspberryPi and display it on my Windows screen, which will be super slow; I have done this before with my Linux installed PS3 and I couldn't do anything like programming. lol

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  1. try this, it actually works pretty fine


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