Monday, August 11, 2014

How to know what program I can install on Raspberry Pi with apt-get

I was a fan of FreeBSD for long time and I have only little experience with Debian. The magic command "apt-get" seems to be able to install almost every programs I want to use. But how or where can I see the list of available programs??

A simple answer is to check the official webpage, "View package list". You can check the list and figure out what you want to install; I like to say that don't be too excited about "Games" section because probably they are not as good as you may expect. lol. I am also not sure that all of them are actually functioning on RaspberryPi, although they are supposed to be working.

Aptitude running screenshot
15 years ago I remember seeing a kind of visual tool that shows list of packages and let me select. So I did some search and figured the tool was called, dselect. However it seems that a new tool called, "aptitude", is more recommended; probably you will need to use it with sudo like: sudo aptitude

I don't have good experience with "dselect" because it was always asking me how to resolve dependencies or all that. It was the first big huddle I had to go through to use Debian.

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