Thursday, August 21, 2014

Remote launch X11 application on RaspberryPi

After using RaspberyPi X11, I found that web-browsing experience is pretty bad. I decided to use a dedicated RaspberryPi for only web-browser; I have a few Pis. I can use a RaspberryPi to run a web-browser and display it on the other Raspberry Pi that I am running X11.

I explained how to launch an X11 application from RaspberryPi and display it on MS-Windows with X11-Forwarding. It was easier to do the same between X-Windows.

  1. xhost +ip-address : will allow X11 server to accept incoming data from the ip-address.
  2. xhost : will list all the clients registered.
  3. ssh -X ip-address command : will launch the "command" from the "ip-address" with X11-Forwarding.

 If you didn't setup passwordless-ssh-login, you may need to give ID and password as well.

One downside of this approach is that when I try to upload an image, the web-browser will not be able see the image files on my local machine. I needed to transfer the image file to the web-server running RaspberryPi via FTP.

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  1. I figured that "xhost" needs to be installed with a command:
    sudo apt-get install x11-xserver-utils


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