Thursday, August 21, 2014

Performance testing with C++ intrinsic __builtin_expect() on Raspberry Pi

As a PlayStation3 SPU programmer, I am a big fan of "__builtin_expect()". It is a C/C++ compiler built-in intrinsic that can improve branch prediction. If you are not familiar with the intrinsics, have a look on GCC document here.

According to "RealView" document here, ARM seems to have a way to take advantage of the intrinsic but GCC doesn't seem to generate any special code about it.

The screenshot above shows my C++ code for testing the performance difference.

The screensoht above is testing result. I compiled it with an optimization option, "-O3". It shows 8 run times and it doesn't show conclusive difference; the difference is under 0.2%.

I tried a little different approach to make sure it doesn't make difference. I generated assembly code and compared them. There was no difference between expecting false and expecting true.

I am not sure if there is any hidden magic compiler version or compiler option to utilize __builtin_expect on RaspberryPi but I should conclude that the intrinsic doesn't work on RaspberryPi with GCC.

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