Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Windows-key keybind in Raspberry Pi X-Window

Because my MS-Windows computer was making my room too warm, I decided to move over to Raspberry Pi X-Window.

This is practically cool and literally cool. lol
My quad-core Intel CPUs generate too much heat.

First thing that bothered me was that I cannot listen any internet radio. I decided to use my Kindle HDX. Instead of installing some Frankenstein applications, I gave up on this. lol

Secondly window short-cuts that I am used to were not working. So I modified keybind from a file, ~/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml.

  • [Windows Key] + [Arrow Up] makes current window full-screen sized.
  • [Windows Key] + [Arrow Left] makes current window half-fullscreen on left side.
  • [Windows Key] + [Arrow Right] makes current window half-fullscreen on right side.
  • You need to reload the changed setting by a command: openbox --reconfigure

This key bindings are not exactly same to the one on MS-Windows but it does what I need and I am ok with it.

The default web-browser, "Midori", doesn't seem to run Java-scripts well. I installed chrominum: sudo apt-get install chrominum
It looks very similar to Chrom web-browser but it still couldn't run any Flash programs; I may be able to get it running with some Frankenstein programs but I like to just give up.

Next thing that bothered me was that the num-lock on my keyboard was turned off by default. I fixed it by installing numlockx: sudo apt-get install numlockx

I think the X-Windows experience with RaspberyPi is better than I expected. This is fast enough for me to do some web-searching and make a few page length programs without heating up my room. lol

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